Playtech is a solid presence in the online gambling industry, with the software developer racking in €1.5 billion in revenue. Needless to say, it’s one of the major trailblazers in the world of gambling softwares as they provide the games for the most reputable online casino platforms in the world.

However, being the biggest developer in the world doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any issue or points for improvement. While these are not prevalent, it’s still worth noting when reviewing one of the biggest software developers in the world.

What Makes Playtech Great?

It’s no surprise Playtech has become an established titan in the software developing industry since it has its hands on everything. However, they have never compromised on quality despite having over 650 titles that cater to every niche and gaming preferences.

Playtech, right from the start, have heeded professionals and enthusiasts who know what players really want from the ground. Their excellent management resulted in more loyal customers as they slowly built their empire.

Playtech has survived various dips in the market, including financial crises, with its business expertise and focus on excellent quality.

Because of this, Playtech even became the first software developer to have partnered with major film companies like Disney, which helped them further improve their graphics and make their customers’ gaming experience more entertaining.

Secure and Established

Because of their credibility, Playtech has made sure to take every precaution necessary to make sure that their players’ data is secure. They are multi-licensed, which indicates that they are highly established and credible.

Playtech is licensed in various markets around the world, including Malta, Spain and UK.

Reliable and Reputable

All their games are equipped with top-notch technology to ensure that their software can only churn out random algorithms. There’s no question that their top priority is engaging in fair play so that no players will ever feel cheated.

This ensures all their games are reliable and reputable, so players get to have peace of mind while their immerse themselves in gaming.

Large Gaming Network

Software developers become huge when they consistently acquire online networks that already has established players, and this is exactly what Playtech did.

They steadily seized competitors and improved their gameplay, which resulted in more loyal players and more opportunities to partner with big online gambling platforms.

Promotional Campaigns and Incentives

Players are more drawn to games with a lot of rewarding promos, bonuses, and incentives. So, naturally, Playtech has always made sure that all their games offer numerous opportunities to level up and increase the payer’s chances of winning.

Apart from attracting more players, these promotional campaigns also became a way for Playtech to promote and market itself to new players.

Sustainable Practices

Playtech is a pioneer for sustainable online gambling practices. They also take great priority in addressing the gender pay gap for their employees, releasing reports regarding the issue.

Because of this, they are committed to exploring safer gambling methods as well as fostering a more inclusive culture.

Issues Faced

Playtech is often not directly hands-on when giving away prize money, so online gambling platforms sometimes take advantage and divide large payouts with installments and holding back or delaying jackpot payments.

However, Playtech is usually quick in resolving issues thanks to their responsive customer service which can clear out issues with little delay.